A place to gather.

Located at the corner of 6th and Main; Main Street Commons will be a refuge from urban distractions where people can relax in an outdoor serene setting. Listen to live music, explore Artist Alley and discover six new exciting additions to the downtown Edmonds family of businesses. The interior space of the “Old Thriftway Building” will include multi-level dining featuring a horseshoe bar and family roller-ball. Mid Century architecture will showcase a high arched ceiling with laminated beams of the original Thriftway building. The newly constructed “Commons Building” will be hard to miss with warehouse style; designed to be reminiscent of the 1960’s era while blending into the unique downtown landscape.

Old World Plaza. Urban Alley Concept.

Developed by DiMarco Architecture & McMurray Family
Refined by community input

Plans pending city approval. Artwork shown is intended for example only and not intended as final representation. I want to personally thank local artist Mona T Smiley-Fairbanks “Quillback Rockfish Mural” and Sue Coccia “Flying Heron Mural” for graciously allowing me to use their beautiful artwork on this site. Please visit their websites under “Friends of the Commons” and support our local artists.


Creating space that compliments unique businesses and offerings, Main Street Commons creates natural synergies with its neighboring businesses. Contributing to the vibrant and ever evolving downtown Edmonds scene is our ultimate goal.

Come Together

Creating intimate public spaces, providing neighborhood gathering spots, allowing space for local artist and musicians to sell their wares and showcase their talents, allowing for chance encounters with their fellow neighbors. All these aspirations are in direct response to community suggestions.

Call to Artists

The creation of Art Alley allows for permanent and temporary sculptures and images in such mediums as graphic, metal, stone, glass and course paint. This is a call to artists and is open to all creative spirits!

Family Fun

Main Street Commons was and is currently being shaped mostly by our community. More than 200 emails and many verbal requests were essential in helping shape our vision.